Photography and Freelance Photo Editing


First and foremost, let me take your picture!

I'm ready to take your photo, be it for:

  • Engagements
  • Maternity and Newborns
  • A really cool hike
  • Sunday dinner with family
  • Family photos in the Texas bluebonnets
  • Showing off how warm the weather is already in Texas
  • A picnic with your significant other
  • Small weddings

Long story short: I love trying all kinds of photo shoots. If you can dream it, I want to be there to take your picture. Your schedule works for me. I am available most days and evenings to take photos of you and your loved ones. I hope you'll invite me along for family outings so that I can capture memories for you, or that you'll call me when it's time to announce to the world that you're engaged or bringing new life into this world. Above all else, I love hiking, so if you want to make memories outside, I will follow you to the top of a mountain (okay, a hill; let's face it, we're in Texas!) and document that you made it. The goal of every photoshoot I do is that it be easygoing, with lots of laughs. 

For examples what work I can do, please check out the galleries and my blog.

Or if you've already got photos to share, I can edit them for you.

Another service I am excited to announce is freelance photo editing. I've got over a decade of experience with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and have been asked to retouch friends' and family's photos over those years.

  • Dim photo? Yellow photo? I am delighted to fix that photo from your phone into a bright memory, just the way you remember it.
  • Too many vacation photos to sift through and retouch? I'm here to help!
  • Maybe you've broken out with the first case of acne you've had since you were 20 years old, but your family decided to take a group shot that has since turned into a priceless memory. I can smooth that over and make your family memories what you remember about taking that picture.

I believe in honesty in photos, and am not inclined to get rid of the parts of our bodies that make us, us, but if you want, I can help hide evidence of that food baby from your Thanksgiving photo or that double chin from a photo taken from a low angle. For evidence of my editing abilities, I encourage you to check out my blog posts about just that!


Please contact me at for information regarding pricing, which does vary depending on time and location. If you are in Houston or the Houston metro area, I will not charge for travel. Some example prices for non-travel photoshoots, less sales tax:

  • Pets: $100.00/60-90 minutes, 10-15 photos guaranteed.*
  • Graduation and Portraits: $100.00-$150.00/60 minutes, 10-15 photos guaranteed.*
  • Children: $125.00/60-90 minutes, 10-15 photos guaranteed.*
  • Families: $150.00-$250.00/60-90 minutes. 15-25 photos guaranteed.*
  • Engagements and Couples: $125.00-$175.00/60-90 minutes. 10-20 photos guaranteed.*
  • Weddings: $1,000.00-$1,500.00/6-7 hours. 200-300 photos guaranteed.**
  • U-Pick: I'm up for any photoshoot if you have ideas! If you have a crazy photoshoot idea, shoot me an email and we can talk pricing.

*Additional time or photos requested may be $50.00 more.
**Weddings vary by time, party size, date, etc.


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