new mexico

Nicole and Jerimiah

I’m blessed to have made friends early in life that I could always count on. Nicole is one of them. We met in seventh grade PE, on was our first class of our first day of middle school. We formed a circle of friends that fluctuated from 6 to 16 people at any given moment during high school, and she and I were always part of that smaller group. Though neither of us are naturally athletically inclined, we took PE together again in high school—aerobics!—and found that we liked it so much by the end of the year that we voluntarily signed up for another year of it together. When we went off to college, we were roommates and neighbors—and even our cats are brother and sister!

She met and fell in love with Jerimiah a couple years back. He’s just right! He loves the outdoors and beer brewing and best of all, he loves Nicole. So yeah, we get along. I love that Nicole seems so at ease with him around, and they can match each other’s snark without missing a beat.

When they got married this summer, I brought my brand-spankin’-new Canon 5D with me back to the town where we grew up in New Mexico to photograph the wedding out at White Sands National Monument. It was hot and bright and dry, and that’s home to me! I wasn’t sure who’d be there on the day, and even two weeks prior, I didn’t know that my own best friend was going to be there—much less our friend Gretchen, who we haven’t seen for years! It was the best reunion and a wonderful day.

All my love to Nicole and Jerimiah!