Moonlighting in Politics

It's been a time of radio silence here, and with good reason. If you'll recall, my background is actually in political science, and I finally did something with it over the last few months. With all my traveling last fall (blog post to follow, with a few favorites), I stopped booking as many photoshoots. On top of that, with the state of politics in the U.S., I've been feeling increasingly disillusioned and more like I need to do something. Without actually getting into politics, let me just say that I found a candidate to support and worked as field staff during the primary campaign season here in Houston. It involves grueling 12-hour days, every day of the week. Now that the primary is over and we're on to a runoff, I've moved into a communications role with the campaign, where I'll be doing more photography and working with social media. This will allow me to have a little more time to myself and my family, as well as with my other photography clients!

One thing that kept me attached to my camera was providing photography when and where it was appropriate. My official status was as a field staffer, which meant promoting my candidate out in the field—knocking on doors and calling people and recruiting volunteers—but sometimes I also got to attend events with the candidate and my coworkers where photography was welcomed. A couple of my photos even got used in the dozens of mailers that got sent to voters, which meant my work was published thousands of times! For a small-time photog like myself, that was a little exhilarating. Here are a few of my favorites from the experience.