Oso the Dog

A short time ago, I made contact with a potential client, and then learned that she was actually looking for a photoshoot for a birthday gift for a friend! I thought that sounded like a perfect gift and encourage more people to give photography sessions as gifts... not only because I run a photography business, but because it makes sense in the world we're in. It's a gift that doesn't take up a lot of space when the results come, being that most photos are digital, and everyone wants a great photo to share with family and friends. Even more excitingly, though, I was especially excited when she said that it would be a photoshoot for a dog!

I am always excited to take photos of animals and have had a bit of a reputation for it since I spent my first year and a half in Houston as a Houston Zoo Volunteer. Although I have moved on from the volunteer program, my husband and I are still avid zoo members. You can check out some of my photography from the zoo in my Animals gallery.

In my own life, I'm a dog person who happens to own a cat. As much as I love Rory, she doesn't provide the same sort of attention and adventure opportunities that a dog does. (She does provide each of those, but in different ways.) So, getting to take photos with a pupper was the best! And his human was pretty cool too. So without any more delay, here's a preview of our photoshoot out at Memorial Park!