Photo Locations: Terry Hershey Park

Around Houston and further toward central Texas, there are a lot of places I've enjoyed going out and taking photos. As a photographer, I find one of the thrills of life is taking photos of a new place. That being said, nothing compares to returning to a familiar place and just being still for a while and letting a photo come to you. Thus begins my blog series on photo locations. I hope this series will help you find a place to have your next photoshoot!

Terry Hershey Park is essentially outside my back door, and my husband and I are using it to train for our next races (he will be running the full Salt Lake City Marathon and I will be running the Half Marathon). This long park has two trails that wind alongside Buffalo Bayou through the New Energy Corridor, Memorial, and Westchase neighborhoods in western Houston outside the Sam Houston Tollway. One of the trails is paved and provides some of the only hill training I have found in Houston, and the unpaved trail nearby provides for a more park-like experience. Throughout, the trail has mileage markers every quarter mile, as well as a few outdoor workout apparatuses, like chin-up bars.

But best of all are the meadows between the two trails: in spring, they explode with wildflowers. This year, it began with the bluebonnets and paintbrushes, and as of this week, the prolific yellow Mexican Hat has absolutely consumed the park. I recently decided to go and check out the morning and evening light there to gage future lighting potential for photoshoots. 



Also, I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a few self-portraits while I was out there. This could be you! (And you'd probably be better dressed, because I just went out in whatever T-shirt I had on for the day.)