The Sturhan Family

This weekend's photoshoot involved a trip out to Brazos Bend State Park. I met up with Ruth and her family near Elm Lake, in search of wildflowers. Truth be told, we felt as though we'd been misled by the park rangers we'd talked to over the phone earlier in the week and at the front gate. We didn't really find an abundance of wildflowers. Great photographic clients (models!) can roll with the punches, though, and that's what the Sturhans did. And you know what? The greenery at Brazos Bend made for a delightful time out in the wild.

Their youngest, Savannah, spent a lot of time identifying the flora in the park, and eventually found some berries to forage. Eventually, the group decided the berries were safe, and so Savannah happily nibbled away on tart berries. For one set of photos, I asked them to take a bite for a photo. I've decided to leave in one funny photo for the storytelling element of it. Older brother WIll was not prepared for how tart the berries were, and pulled quite a face when giving it a try.